gromit cupcake

same cupcake, only with a fondant gromit on top. i would have used wensleydale instead of mascarpone, but that would be silly.

i'll be in manila for oh, 48 hours, but i'll be back for a morning viewing of "the curse of the were-rabbit". have a great weekend, everyone!

ps--is there anything you think i should do whilst i'm in the philippines? besides get a haircut and eat laksa/churros/beard papa puffs?


You're so teribble creativ! My son would love you and your work!
Have a nice trip!

Oh that is so cute! I love Wallace and Grommit! :D What to do...It is been so long since I went to the PI I think you should send me stuff! ;P LOL Sorry I can't help you much on doing stuff there, but I can wish you a wonderful trip! :D

I can't decide if I wanna eat that cupcake or love it and hug it and call it boo.

Well done! Have a fantastic weekend!

ahm, go to sonya's garden?

eat guimaras mangoes?



hey, i linked you up.

LOL that Grommit he looks too good to eat!

get a luxurious massage for cheap! or, at least have some halo-halo.

Hey Santos,

Glad to see you up to your old tricks. Love that Grommit, can't wait to see the flick either!

Hmmm, in the Philippines I would go for LECHON for sure and some ADOBO. Have fun!

Hi S,

Have fun in Manila. Can't wait to hear about the laksa-churros-beardpapapuff feeding frenzy! =)

It's the wrong trousers Grommit.

So so cute! Enjoy yourself in the phillipines.

Oh, my little niece & cousins would have loved this! It's sooo cute :)

Ahhh...you're an absolute riot, santos! I know everyone has said it, but your Gromit cupcake is really cute!

Cute-ness, Santos! Have a great trip - btw I found a papa beard store in Waikiki!

hi dilek! i wish i could send one of these by post for your son, but i don't think it would survive :( oh well. i'll have a gromit tutorial up soon.

hi milwimper--i really must find out what your name means sometime :) you never know, one day i might send you stuff!

hi lorelei--it's a little too small to hug, but not too big to eat!

hi cathy--thanks! i did!

hi sky! thanks! i'll check out your blog soon.

hi bee--i admit, gromit's still in the freezer because he *is* too cute to eat.

hi maria--the massage came free with the haircut :) i didn't eat halo halo but i had a lot of other good stuff.

hi viv! i'm glad to see you are back to blogging a bit. i'll come visit soon!

hi reid--i got to the laksa, but missed out on the churros and the beard papas this time. i did get a starbucks coffee jelly though.

anthony--bwaaaaaa. cracking comment, there, man that cooks.

hi boo, amber and julia--isn't it sweet? i'm so sad to hear that the aardman studios warehouse burned down, so lots of old wallace and gromit memorabilia was lost.

hi bex! how was your competition? i hope you've blogged about it, i'd love to read about it.

Hi S,

What Starbucks coffee jelly? OMG...you are so lucky...*sigh* It will probably take us years to get it over here.

reid, i'll have to do a post just for you :)

How sweet! (I'm glad you didn't use Wensleydale though) I'm going to see the film this week ;)

hi keiko! i'm not particular towards wensleydale myself, chocolate or not. i finally saw the movie, hope you enjoy it!