practical pasalubong: chocolate and lychee toothpaste.


it's about time i wind up my manila posts--i've spent more time talking about my trip than i actually spent on the trip itself. so here's one last thing.

it's a typical filipino custom to bring home a small gift (pasalubong) from the homeland, usually a food specialty or small handicraft, or lately, a bootlegged dvd or mp3 cd. however, everyone seems to be on a diet, and the customs officers have been particularly diligent these days. i wanted to bring back something a little practical, and i happen to love perusing the aisles of local drugstores, so this is what i brought back: close-up brand limited edition chocolate and lychee-flavoured toothpastes. i can report that the lychee flavoured one is fabyoolussssss, the chocolate one, not so much.


MWAHahaha! Great idea!


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- Meena

OMG! Lychee Toothpaste!! I wonder if it is for sale anywhere online?? I love lychees more than any other food.

Chocolate toothpaste, on the other hand, just seems so wrong.

that's cool! i wonder if i will eat more toothpaste or just find myself brushing more than twice a day :P

OMG. I can't decide if this idea is brilliant or bizarre (probably both)! The mouthfeel afterwards would go against my brain's urge for minty freshness!

omg, omg, omg... i brought some home, too!!! i got the orange flavor also. boy, we were on the same wavelength. remember the boy bawang you sent me that i looooooved so much? i brought 4 freaking pounds with me.

hi zarah! any crazy toothpaste flavours in your neck of the woods?

alright, you heard the diva.

hi holly! check close-up planet (it's on the box of toothpaste, i swear), it might tell you where you can buy some online.

hi galinusa! the lychee one could easily be a cocktail or dessert. have you seen colgate's vanilla toothpaste? it's like brushing your teeth with cake frosting, ick.

hi gloop! both of them have a slight minty aftertaste, i guess the toothpaste people figured that people would expect that. the lychee one is definitely brilliant.

hi purplegirl--FOUR pounds??? you'll definitely need the toothpaste after all that garlic. i saw the tangerine one, but didn't get it. how is it?

OMG! I am crazy about the hot cinnamon but lychee!! What a strange flavor. Having fruit on your teeth and chocolate for that matter AFTER you have brushed seems illegal.

Hi Santos,

How interesting. The only thing they can manage here is some "citrus" flavored Crest toothpaste that tastes like Saint Joseph's asprins. Remember those?

hi gia-gina! eh, the fruit flavour's not overpowering. i don't have a problem with the lychee. chocolate's odd, though. like the colgate vanilla--it's like brushing with frosting.

hi reid! i totally remember st. joseph's--the flavour is stuck in my head, ewww.

I liked Choco Loco. :D I felt like I was brushing with a bar of Andes. Haha!

I prefer the Tangerine flavor! You can even smell the fruity scent right when you apply it on you toothbrush...really cool!

I just can't imagine - of course, I've only tasted a lychee once and can't really remember how it tasted, but chocolate? I love the idea of bringing that sort of thing back as gift though!

hi toni! i think the thing i don't like about the choco-loco is that i feel the need to eat it :)

hi anon--mmm, i'll have to get the tangerine one next time, too.

hi cathy! funky, yet practical :) i also brought back different flavoured mentos but that's for another post :)

I think that's too cool..!! i'll take the lychee ones.. coz' i would prolly like you .. wanna eat the chocolate.. hehehhe!!

hey big bok--i'll trade you a lychee for a banana kitkat!

I'm an American living in the UAE. I thought it was actually a cool idea to bring out this new flavor. Even though you taste the chocolate flavor, it still leaves your mouth minty.

Wow! So interesting to see some other people are interested in weird flavours. I have created a blog aobut some strange toothpastes. Check it out.

Wow! So cool to see other people are interested in funky flavours. You should check out my blog where you can read about some unusual toothpaste products from around the world. Would love to hear your thoughts...