manila: bread talk.

bread talk

bread talk, a popular bakery from singapore. someone tell me, why is it called bread talk? is there something in the translation i'm missing? anyway, it's less like a bakery than a boutique for bread and other pastries--very white, clean, lots of uplighting and halogen, with quirkily named and funkily shaped pastry and breads showcased on large glass platters. gorgeous, it'tis. sadly, the main bread base is that springy, spongey, tasteless superwhite bread that is popular throughout asia, but luckily most of the items using this particular base also incorporate a redemptive core or topping--beef rendang, chicken curry, chinese ham, a decent custard, blah eh blah eh blahblahblah.

okay, here's the deal. the whole concept of asian idea of western baked goods mixed with actual asian ingenuity makes for cool looking bread and pastries that are hit-and-miss on the taste-o-meter, but combined with the whole boutique concept, the weirdly clinical open kitchen, and the fact that filipinos have a thing about food (j from delicious biting said that, and she's *so* right), means that this place is packed all the time, and oh, here, just look. pretty.

bread talk mount fuji swirl

mount fuji swirl: sweet bun filled with whipped cream and a pandan coconut-like jam that is called kaya but i don't really think it is. still, very successful, imo, as the soft, white bread matched the cream and delicate filling well.

bread talk nonya chunk

nonya chunk: inspired by nonya dumplings, a steamed spicy glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in leaves. the nonya chunk is a pandan-wrapped bun with a spicy meat filling, and topped with a little cheddar cheese. the filling was completely unidentifiable, but spicy with a curry overtone.

grassland: a green tea chiffon cake with cream and sugared red beans layers. hm. pretty but pretty bland, too. disappointed by this. it ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you with no place to go.

bread talk nutzi

nutzi. hey, i didn't name it, they did. i picked this one over the beckham and cheese, and the crouching tiger, hidden bacon. sweet bun with condensed milk, and a creamy peanut filling that really wasn't like peanut butter. really. this reminded me of these pancakes i used to get from hong kong street vendors that were filled with condensed milk and peanut butter. just a fine, fine thing. the pancakes that is. this was good, but fluffy. very nursery-like, and comforting.

bread talk sisig bun

the sisig bun. a concession to the filipino public. i'll let you guess from the shape what sisig is made from. this was actually darned tasty.

there's enough substance in this talk that will keep me interested for awhile, but i'm reminded of elvis:

a little less conversation, a little more action please
all this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me
a little more bite and a little less bark
a little less fight and a little more spark
close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
satisfy me baby

satisfy me, baby.

bread talk
L1, glorietta 4, makati

(and other locations)


the sisig bun is so cute!

You're absolutely right in saying Bread Talk is hit and miss...and you should have seen the LINE when the first branch opened. Unbelievable!

Wait, no, you should have seen the ad posted in Power Plant before that branch opened! A little boy looking a little forlorn, holding one of the floss buns to his ear! Maybe they really DO talk!

Love, love, LOVE the Elvis quote...perfect :)

Never had breadtalk .. coz' they only opened after i left Singapore.
Love the chiffon cake!!!

People often like quirky. And this is it.

You make me smile, especially with the Elvis lyrics.

Hello Santos, it is called BreadTalk because the owner wanted people to talk about his shop.

BreadTalk reached its peak in Singapore about 2 years ago with its hit product Flosss. Like other food fads here, it came and it went. Like to Phillipines :)


hi yoony--isn't it? they are all a little different, too.

hi joey--i passed by the one at megamall, it was mobbed! at least all sorts of people are buying stuff, it's good to see that it isn't an elitist thing.

hi big bok! i don't know if this would be successful in the us or canada. maybe more in canada, and maybe not on such a large scale.

hi saffron! 'tis indeed quirky. i could use a better dough, though.

hi umami! thanks for the info. it has indeed passed its popularity to the philippines. from what you say about it, it should start peaking any. minute. now. (i noticed the flosss buns aren't as popular as they used to be) ha. then maybe it will move to...australia?

Hey Santos! It sort of has moved to Australia. We have a 'similar' bread shop called 'bread top' http://www.breadtop.com.au/ they just opened a new one in Sydney, but mostly based in Melbourne i think. I've only tried a green tea 'polo' pineapple bun which was nice, but i still prefer standard Chinese Polo buns! (which doesnt actually have any pineapple in them).

hi bex! omg, it looks like they ripped off the logo, right down to the white and orange text--i guess they are trying to confuse people...?

Hi Santos,

I ate there when I was in Singapore. Looks like they offer different items in Manila. Delish.

This is weird but I like hanging out at Bread Talk. I just love the aroma of bread!

The Sisig Bun's my favorite of all their offerings. My hubby loves it too.

I have yet to try their floss buns. Mmmmm.

hi reid! i think i read somewhere they've got 250 rotating items on the menu. what did you have?

hi toni--i'm told that the aroma of bread is very comforting. for me it just means to control my carb intake :D i had a flosss bun but i don't really remember it. i'll have to try it again next time i'm in town.

For your unironic quoting of Elvis with no mention of largeness, you have my full admiration.

In other music

I'm a nutzi baby
I'm a nutzi yes I am

one person's lardness is another person's largess.

Hi Santos,

One of them had chicken floss, it was pretty good, and another was pandan flavored, but I can't recall exactly. The breads were quite good too.

ooh, chicken floss. i'll put that on my list.

This belong to Northern Samar, it is our property in Singapore. We are not talkative.

I love their black forest cake. At P68 for a large serving it's a deal!

black forest, oooh. thanks anon, i'll look for that.

you have a tone about asian baking, such as "sadly, the main bread base is that springy, spongey, tasteless superwhite bread that is popular throughout asia"... too judgemental!!

unfortunately, i had been in the united for 6 years, i never and ever found any bakery or western baked goods which i think is as delicious as most average bakery in asia. from my point of view, i feel the cake texture is not delicate at all. yes, i seriuosly doubt whether americans know what's baking about.

therefore, i started to make cakes for myself and my friends from taiwan.

i just arrived s'pore for a month. have been breadtalk a few times. their cakes are much much better than what i had in american bakery!! tha't something you could only find in asian bakeries: delicacy!

bear talk, i appreciate your opinion. personally, i find bread talk to be too springy, too spongey, too bland for my taste. i am not against ALL bakeries in asia--in fact, my favourite bakeries are in hong kong, japan, and manila, respectively--but as far as bread talk and the average asian chain goes, i think they can do better.

as for american bakeries, i have found a few i like as well, but not many. and whilst not all have what you consider "delicacy," some do.

ps--i like bread talk fine enough. definitely on my "okay" list.

ohhh! i heart heart heart the Black Forest cake at Breadtalk. You're right the price is so good for such a large portion. It's also so cute.'

i also like the little round choco funfare. their cake prices are really good, no?

thanks for the post. it's crazy how long the line ups get.