bizu patisserie, pt.1: oh, those macarons.

bizu macaron museum

which shall you choose? (from left to right) chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, rose, mango, raspberry, coffee, lemon or blueberry?

bizu macarons red white blue

perhaps one of the seasonal specials: the red dark chocolate chili (fire), the white dark chocolate rosemary (earth), or blue mint chocolate (wind)?

bizu macarons

or maybe one of each? :)


Ooh, raspberry please... yum. These remind me of some wierd coloured biccies we used to get in the UK in the 70's. Some kinda monster theme, can't remember exactly. They were gross, but you gotta free sticker in each pack, which was cool and well designed if my childhood mind recalls correctly.

Haven't been up your alley for way too long. How's tricks? Apologies for absence, but I've been on a blog/net diet for five weeks, most refreshing it was too, much like these snacks I suspect.

pieman! how was your european adventure? i just took a break, itching for another. hate this nasty typhoon weather.

raspberry's a good choice. i recommend the pistachio to compliment it.

Yum! I am loving your Manila posts...I like the chocolate chili ones :-)

Pistachio. Love the taste, the colour and the fact is, pistachio is still somewhat exotic for me. But the red dark chocolate chili one does appeal to my wilder side!

You're killin' me, Santos! Me want!

hi joey! thanks! i like the chocolate chili ones too, although i picked up one from the greenhills branch and it tasted like petrol---bleeeugh!

hi OF--the pistachio one is quite nice. in fact, all the flavours i've tried are quite good, but i have to admit, i've only gotten halfway through the list. i think you would like the chocolate chili one. the flavour of the chili comes through, and there is only a little bit of heat that works well with the dark chocolate.

hi your highness! oh, the chocolate chili one has your name written all over it, although i think you'd like the mango one paired with the chocolate as well. wait until you see the other desserts from here!

I think I would faint if I saw a display like that. I hope you got one (or two) of each!

omg, they are the best, aren't they? the lenguas de gato and ensaymada are also to die for! i went to bizu every single week that i was in manila this summer. that's over 12 weeks straight!!!

I'd do what you did - take one of each! That way I can try all of the combinations and find out which ones complements each other the best!:-)

You know I've never had a macaron? In fact I have never even seen one for sale! I would have a very hard time just picking one and like Zarah would favor your approach. If I had to narrow it down, I'd probably get chocolate, or raspberry, or lemon, or ...

I can see a rainbow!

I'm with the dark choc chilli. Or pistachio. Mmm...

one of each definitely! and maybe a couple more of the pistacchio or raspberry!

hi mariko! i only got one of each. but i went back twice :)

hi purplegirl--welcome back! i wish i had gotten the ensaymada--the chocolate one looks amazing--but there's always next time.

zarah--that's exactly the way to go around it. and they have a lovely assortment of teas to help wash them down.

hi cathy! i guess i should be surprised, but i'm not. they are still not very common in the us. hm, maybe a trip to nyc is in order...?

hi gloop! it's a sugar-filled rainbow to boot :D

suze--absolutely :D

"the red dark chocolate chili (fire), the white dark chocolate rosemary (earth), or blue mint chocolate (wind)"

Is this like the macaron Super Friends or something?

naw, it's the macaron seventies r&b supergroup!

ba de ya - say do you remember
ba de ya - dancing in september
ba de ya - never was a cloudy daaaaaaay
ba de ya de ya de ya de yaaaaaaaaa

Great post Santos! Colours are so vibrant

My dad's favorite is the mocha one... or was it coffee? :) I love the pictures!

oh..Santos..! they are to die for..!! so pretty too..!!

i can't even seem to choose because they all look so inviting!

pick them all :D

aaaaah! your photo is so tempting me! my favorite has to be chocolate, though ive never tried blueberry or lemon: those sound good! not to mention the red dark chocolate chili!

hi tanvi! the chocolate is very good--good choice! i've yet to try the blueberry and lemon.