standing on the shoulders of giants, pt. 2.

giant robot

the now:

giant robot: an asian-american pop culture magazine that goes above and beyond asia, america, pop, and culture. it's for the here and now. learn it, live it, love it.

oh, and buy it, 'cause i'm in it. buy it because there's a lost interview with artist margaret kilgallen (everyone should know her), phenomenal photos by takashi homma, a compendium of articles about chinese jamaicans and their involvement in the evolution of jamaican music. compelling stuff. and yeah, i'm in it (along with deanna cheuk from tokion magazine, and lance from j church).


You're in it? I must buy it! (Er, stupid foreigner question: where can I get it?)

congrats! that's a great mag.

page number? and what's the article about?

I already read this issue!...uh, I better look at it more closely. I'm not sure if I still have it though. What's the page number?

hi bramble! barnes and noble carries it, as does tower records (i think there's still one in westwood). you should visit their shops and café on sawtelle blvd in west la sometime, too--very cool!

hi alizinha and robyn! i don't know what page, but i did a column called "perfect day", with lance from j church and a woman named deanne in australia.

Hi Santos,

OK. When I saw this post I was like OMG. I just bought this magazine today because I saw it in a magazine shop on Fort Street Mall and I thought it was cool. I was reading it at lunch, and saw on page 32 the article by K. Santos, and found that she was from Guam AND she was a good blogger and photographer.

Only now did I put the two together. DUH! If that is you in the picture on the bottom of the facing page, then it's almost what I imagined you looked like after hearing your voice in the other post!

Nice to finally "meet" you! =)

hey reid, i totally know what you mean. i read it, and it was completely alien to me. apparently they caught me when i couldn't think of anything, and lost my sense of humour. i wouldn't have posted anything about it, but i really do love the magazine and if i can get people to buy it on a regular basis, i'll be happy. also, i am a big admirer or margaret kilgallen and her husband, barry mcgee's artwork, and she is an artist that should have been better known when she was alive.

also, how cool is "ask eman", american sumo wrestler emanuel yarbrough's advice column?!

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I think I just gave this magazine away TODAY (I just gave away a few years worth of Giant Robot magazines I've been collecting to someone who wanted them). Geerg!...I'll check out a store. I kind of remember the article now but I want to read it again, hehe.

Never mind giant robot not getting the recognition it deserves, it about time you got yours. Congrats on being the blogger's shining light in a very groovy mag.

Didn't know who Margaret Kilgallen was. [slinks off to library]

robyn--borrow it back :)

anthony--so, so, so wrong. not even close. freaking thing isn't even about me. but thanks.

not a whole lotta people knew who margaret was, but now's a good time to find out something about her.

I just bought it. Just read it. Page 32. "I wake up around 7, which is not particularly early for Guam." GUAM? GUAM!!! That's the Hilton Chapel isn't it? I couldn't believe it! So I waited my turn and then searched up "food blogs, guam" on google. Had to find out more about the person from GUAM who ended up getting a Perfect Day article on GR! Crazy! Freak. I sound like a obsessive compulsive teenager. That's because I am. >.< And I should stop typing, but man. How did you get that? I am still in shock-mode. Thinking of typing up a letter to GR now. You've inspired me to appreciate this island more than I ..don't. My mom says she might know you... Lee's sister?

hey anon--so you're one of the folk who buys gr on island? awesome! thanks for stopping by. yeah, i didn't tell the magazine i had a blog, but obviously they are smart people and figured it out. i also figured that guam gets so much bad publicity that i oughtta go out there and give the island its props, because even though we know how messed up it can be, there's a lot about it that we shouldn't take for granted. and no, i'm not lee's sister :)

Will find out if they carry GR at Tower Record stores here.

Incidentally, Auntie F asked me last Saturday what her niece is up to online. Now I have news and it's not even online! Hehe!

One cousin should also be reading you now or soon. He had no idea you're such an online celebrity. ;-)

hi karen! funnily enough, i'm *not*--i got the gig before they found out about the blog, and the blog's not even featured. generally, the article's not about me anyway. but i'll get you a copy and send it along through the cousins :)

Nice blog!

I stand corrected! Ate, you're not an online celebrity, you're just a celebrity! Hehehe!

just blog hopping...

Santos, I'm going to send over my copy and you'll sign it, right?


ha! no. i will scribble over my face for you, though.

Sobra. But really, I enjoyed the article and have been craving turon and halo-halo for days.


finally picked up a copy!

I was surprised your blog wasn't even really mentioned in the article.

Also glad to hear you're a fellow West Wing junky :) We've been going back through all the WW DVD's as we ignore our current political climate. Just finihsed season 4...