bloodshot eyes and a little green around the gills.


fish head eater or fish head hater? declare!


Eweekk..!! what a colored fish..!!

Fish head eater here, growing up on the island, you gotta be. But not only am I a fish head eater, I'm also a fish eyeball popper.

Such pretty colored snappers! I love fish heads (And yes: I am a self-avowed fish-eye popper.) - especially if they're cooked as sinigang sa miso. Yummers!

Hi Santos,

Did you buy these at the market to eat, or are these pets that committed suicide? =P

Generally I'm not a fish head eater, but I am a shrimp head sucker. :)

Oooh, I'm a hater, baby. B-e-a-utiful shot, Santos.

At first sight, I was surprised with that vivid red color and fish head. In our country, fish head is believed to a whole of fish.( Personally, I can't agree on that) ^^

Gorgeous color! They'll be yummy in sinigang, I bet.

I do declare I eat fish heads. Preferably in curry.

i can't believe there are only two haters in this fish head strewn world. c'mon now, feel the hate.

fish head lover!! especially in curries :D

YUM! Salmon Fishheads in miso based sauce with tofu is a fave.
Makes me want to sing "Fishheads fishheads eat them up yum!" that weird novelty song by Dr. Demento!

Hi Santos,

Do you not like fish heads? I tried fish head curry for the first time when I went to Singapore, and the cheek meat is really nice. Can't say much about the lips or eyes though. =P

hi reid! those are my drinkin' buddies. ha. i'm a fish head eater. i said two because i wasn't sure what your answer was, nor mrs.t's--i figured there was a 50-50 chance one of y'all would be a hater.

Can't say as I've ever tried any, but can't say that I'd ever be inclined to... so I'm going with the haters! (But great photo!)

eater! There is this restaurant we go to that serves fish heads stir-fried with black bean and bitter gourd, sounds weird, but it taste fantastic!

Short point:
They make great stock.

Medium Sized Agreement:
Yes Ladygoat. In Japanese izakaya they'll take the sashimi prawn heads away and deep fry them. Reet tasty but one has to be careful the prawn horns don't get the top of the mouth

Longer story:
I was on a tour with a bunch of bikers to the Izu peninsula to the south of Tokyo where we all stayed at a small seaside inn. After we'd had most of our meal a whole roasted tuna head comes out and it was huge. Apparently quite a treat so we should have been more honoured than horrifed. We picked away at the head and it was delicious, especially around the cheeks. Then we listened to the neighbouring room sing what were apparently old sea shanties or something.

Where was I, oh yeah head eater.

PS love whitebait and that's head and all.

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ooh, yeah, i am with ladygoat with the shrimp head sucking and with you on the prawn head eating. my favourite part of sweet (raw) prawn sushi is when those little buggy-eyed heads come back, all golden fried and sitting on top of a greaseless piece of white paper.

I like eating shrimp heads! Fish heads... not so much. The cheek meat is nice, but anything to do with eyeballs just squicks me out. But tiny tiny fish I eat head and all. Because I can't see them looking at me.

hi shukumei! i like whitebait and sardines, and anchovies, but any smaller and i start to get a little squeamish. i was actually going to blog about this teeny tiny fishling, but i have yet to identify what it's called in english. it's so small it looks like a skinny maggot with teeeeeeny black eyes. i like them okay, but i have a hard time eating them because those beady black eyes set against an albino white body sort of freak me out after awhile. just staring at me. looking straight into the dark abyss of my gullet. eeek.

LOVER NOT HATER the cheeks have great taste!

i know what fish you're talking about! i usually eat them as a salty condiment for rice porridge.

all those teeny eyes... i'm a little scared now...

Three words: Fish.Head.Curry


Hi Santos,

I agree with Saffon...fish head curry! BTW...Did you know that at Yanagi Sushi you can order steamed onaga head if they have it? It's really good.

by the way I was in athens 2 weeks ago and I took out two american girls out to my favourite sea side tavern and ordered a huge bream grilled served with olive and lemon! I was just abou to eat the head well I donot need to go fully descriptive here;; both just said YEUCK! oh well wonder what they are missing!