lunch at firefly.

CLOSED 30 april 2009

a well coordinated table

despite the previous rant, my cousin and i had a mild dilemma over where to go to lunch. mexican for cinco de mayo or japanese for kodomo no-hi? dilemma was solved when we drove by firefly bistro and the temptation of good and sometimes funky food in a somewhat chic yet somehow funky setting won out.

fire fly starters

food today: a lightly spicy fried calamari, with a garlic mayonnaise, and the firefly house salad of mixed greens, toasted pine nuts, golden raisins, bleu cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. the calamari was plentiful, lightly but perfectly fried without a trace of grease, and stayed crispy even though it did get cold before we finished it (hey, it was a big pile). i like the salad a lot, as there's a nice blend of sweet and sour with the raisins and vinaigrette, with a touch of meatiness in the pine nuts and mustiness of the bleu cheese. my cousin thinks it's a little overwhelming, and would rather have one or two of the ingredients omitted for a cleaner taste.

fire fly ceviche

so, even though we bagged the themes, we did manage to find one item that actually seemed to be both latino and japanese, the honduran ceviche: raw yellowfin tuna marinated in a lime-ginger vinaigrette and coconut milk, and served with red corn tortilla chips. this was sean, the server's suggestion and it was excellent, despite how weird it may seem. the fresh, sweet, yellowfin tuna chunks were slightly "cooked" by the marinade, and the sweet, clean taste of the fish was enhanced by the coconut milk and the slightly salty, toasty tortilla chips.

the chef, veronica perez-calvo, also owns the bakery next door, cup and saucer, so firefly rather excels at desserts, but we were quite full, so i'll have to leave those for another time.

firefly bistro
martyr street, in the pink building


Love the food pictures ..Santos.. ;) Yums..!!
I also like the changes on your blog..;)

Hi Santos,

I didn't celebrate either Cinco de Mayo or Kodomo no Hi. =(

Well, I kinda had some chi chi dango.

The food here looks good, especially that calamari! =P

Hi Santos,

By the way, I like the green background! =)

hi mrs. t! hi reid! you don't think the flowery thingies are too...flowery? i feel like they detract from the food photos. maybe i need to get used to it. any suggestions?

Hi Santos,

The color is nice, but yes, the little sunbursty things are a little distracting, especially since there are so many of them around.

Good luck with the redesign.

Hi Santos! Love the new look! The white background seems to make the photos pop! I had to double check if you re-did some of the photos, but I realized it's the same as the ones on the old template. Seems like they found new life with this template.

For a minute there I thought you may have hopped on the WordPress bandwagon. Seems a lot of blogger accounts are doing that lately.

hi jmom! nah, just bored with the old look. the white is nice, isn't it? bright, anyway. i don't think i love the whole blogging thing enough to pay a monthly bill.

thanks for the thumbs up!