imbb 15, pt. 1: caffe gigi

coffee granita+jelly

this edition of imbb is hosted by the lovely elise, the theme: has my blog jelled? and yes, yes, quite honestly i believe it has. several times over.

one of my absolute favourite things is coffee jelly (gelatin), which i generally just have with icy milk coffee, but lately the days have been intensely...toasty, so i decided to pair up the jelly with granita, to make my coffee cooler oh-so-breezy. as the granita melts, it mixes in to the whipped cream to form a slushy, jelly creamy treat. it's simple--all you really need is coffee, unflavoured gelatin, sugar and cream. however, the addition of cardamom in the granita and orange zest in the whipped cream will take this to another level, and the traditionally autumn spicing straight into summer with you.

caffe gigi (why gigi? because g+g=gg)

coffee gelatin

2 cups freshly brewed coffee (for cardamom coffee, brew with a few crushed cardamom pods mixed in with the ground coffee beans)
1 packet of unflavoured gelatin
sugar to taste

sprinkle the gelatin into a small amount of water and let it sit for several minutes. add the gelatin to coffee and sugar in a pan over low heat, and stir until completely dissolved, at least two minutes. pour into a shallow container, and refrigerate until firm. cut into small cubes.

coffee granita

freeze 2 cups of freshly brewed coffee (you can add sugar, but i think with the sweetened jelly and whipped cream it's unneccessary) in a ziplocky type bag, and break up the freezing crystals every once in awhile, a la monkey. if you are too lazy for this method, wait until it's completely frozen and then bash it with a mallet until desired consistency has been met. i say smaller than hail, bigger than snowflakes.

assembly: fill a glass halfway with the jelly cubes, then top with a heaping amount of granita. add whipped cream sweetened with a bit of sugar and zinged with a bit of orange zest and serve immediately because i am very amused by recipes that want you to serve things immediately.

thank you elise! for hosting imbb this time around, and for having the round-up available in record time!


Hi Santos,

I love coffee jello and almost thought of making something like this. I never thought to combine it with coffee flavored granita though. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

hi reid! i'm waiting for your lemon macadamia biscotti, is it ready yet? it would be perfect with this :-D

Santos - this looks wonderful! I've never had coffee gelatin, but it sounds good - especially with the cardamom! As for the coffee granita and whipped cream on top...mmmm!

hi ag--oops, i forgot you're heading towards autumn. this is definitely worth saving; i managed to make it last for most of the afternoon, and it kept me cool *and* awake.

hi cathy! i wasn't going to add cardamom, but i had the bottle out from my little icelandic pancake escapade. it worked out quite well, though. did you have any granita when you were in palermo?

It's amazing how you come up with these now-why-didn't-I-think-of-that recipes. I'd never have thought of making granita using coffee, but now it makes perfect sense.

Love the catchy name too. :)

Hi Santos,

This looks great! Perfect for hot summer days.

Love the coffee granita match with the jelly. One for me to try in summer.

zippity do dah...this would be a lovely mid-afternoon pick me up!


Santos, this sounds right up my alley...I'm definitely making it this summer- thanks a mil!


Hi Santos,

Biscotti is served! =)

You're not going to believe this, but Anthony and I both made mizu yokan for IMBB...*sigh*

hi everyone! this is definitely something worth trying during the summer to beat the heat. the granita takes a little longer to melt than something of a finer texture, and the jelly is something cool to chew on once it does melt.

reid--uh oh, what did you do? did the ono kine yakuza force spiceblog to ditch his post? it's not there!

Hi Santos,

It's there now, he just completed the write up. Much more exciting than mine. He took the long way too.

Not in Palermo, but in Lingua (lemon) and in Taormina. In Taormina I had some almond granita with whipped cream on brioche - heaven!

hey reid--exciting but perilous. i'd much rather try your recipe. but your photo's just as great.

hey cathy--oh. my. flippin'. pancakes. i have to try that, it sounds AMAZING.

this is lovely BUT i cant take coffee arrghhh! maybe i can make for my hubby, he's a coffee lover ;)

hi babe! i'll make something just for you soon :-)

Did you know that you can buy Plymouth Rock brand coffee gelatin powder on line? Old New England favorite, available from several sources. Very good with whipped cream.

WHERE can I buy Plymoth Rock Coffee Gelatin Powder??