eomeote #6!!!!! pain perdu blah-blah

pain perdu au creme marrons vanille et glace à base de crème anglaise

good god y'all! i need to take some french lessons and fast, 'cause in english, this sounds funky bad: french toast with chestnut vanilla creme and frozen egg custard. i'm guessing in french it would be pain perdu au crème marrons vanille et glace à base de crème anglaise. >phew< oh, don't quote me--i took spanish!

oh, and this is my take on a japanese dessert, which i assume is a take on an american breakfast, with french embellishments.

how does this stack up? well, me lovelies, eeet ees like zeees: three slices of japanese-style american-style sandwich white bread (as opposed to japanese-style american-style not sandwich white bread) were thinly spread with chestnut vanilla cream, stacked, crusts trimmed, then dipped in an eggy milk mix and browned in butter. a simple custard was made, cooled, poured into a ziplocky-type sandwich bag, then thrown into the freezer, only to be mauled and pummeled every 15 minutes until a creamy frozen confection was formed. really. it works. in hindsight, i should've pulled out the ice cream maker but eh. so it took a few hours and is not as super mega mondo creamy as it could be. it was only creamy creamy. didn't stop me any.

i got egg, i got toast--eomeote, out!


Very classy Santos! And yummy, too!

hi zarah! i'll bet you could use nutella or even dulce de leche between the layers instead of the chestnut creme--yum :-)

That sounds delicious!

"mauled and pummeled" Santos?

I'm surprised it didn't 'fess up to a couple of bank jobs.

japanese-style american-style sandwich white bread ... what exactly is the difference? Is it more dense and perfectly square?

Also, I tried emailing the chap who is next on the list for 1001 recipes, but havent got a response. I feel so bad tht I have such a slacko with this, but things have been hectic. Is there another way to get in touch?

Wow!! this looks good.. :)

er, bank jobs?!

saffron--got it in one! as for the book, i'll try contacting him myself, and i'll email you.

hey mrs.t--it was! a little sweet though, but that's okay.

Bank jobs.

Don't tell me you didn't get someone to come back in, apologise for you, and then say they'll go easy if the ice-cream just gives a couple of names?

er, no. ice cream didn't give up nothin', and got a nice massage in return.

Oh, how decadent!

Sounds wonderful...and having told the hubby, I will have to make it for him.

Darn reading-blogs-out-loud...

Seriously, great entry!

Ordinary ice-cream woulda sung like a pigeon. Hats off.

hi stephanie--it's no more decadent than sweet eggs and chocolate french toast! actually, i'd like to try that chocolate french toast with this frozen custard sometime.

nth--frozen custard is like, a midwestern thing in the mainland. it's somehow denser but lighter than ice cream. actually, i took the mauled and pummeled stuff, whirred it through the food processor a bit, and got an infinitely better product. smooth, creamy, and weirdly ethereal. very wispy for an egg and cream product.

This reminds a me a little of my Icelandic pancakes entry. Very naughty but very yummy.

hey jonny angel

weird that lingonberries are always available on this island. those icelandic pancakes look amazing, i'm going to try them. tonight? soon. maybe tonight.

I can't wait to see the results, Santos, baby!