she who eats what she who eats ate.


it's hot. it's like africa hot. can't think, won't cook, thank you thank you tokyo mart for the new shipment of kinu tofu, 'cause now i can have what chika's eating.

a warning: the endless loop: you could be stuck in these two posts forever.


Argh nested clauses.

Damnably good looking tofu though.

i'm hoping chika can somehow work another link to this from her blog, since my link to hers includes a link to mine. i suppose as it is it's already an eternally self-referencing circle. whooo!

damnably good tasting tofu, too.

The tofu looked so beautiful..!! and of course.. i know it's delicious..!! i just bought a packet of sesame recently.. guess what i'm gonna used it for.. ;)

hey mrs.tweety! yay! mrs. t eats what she who eats eats too :-)

Hi Santo,
You and Chika are definitely inspiring me to try this. I think there's boxes of tofu mix that you can make at home that would yields a softer tofu than the regular commercial stuff. Maybe now I could finially try it. If anything, I could always pour ginger flavor sugar syrup over it for dessert!

hi winnie! that is too coincidental, i am sitting here reading your comment with a small chunk of kinu tofu with ginger sauce! not quite the same as the 'real thing' but good enough :-)

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