there's always room for (neon) jello

neon stripey gelatin

yeah, yeah, portagee bread, i know. i'll get back to it, but right now i'm a little ready for this jelly, nenes. no, it's not my favourite lush soap, it's fruity gelatin alternately layered with condensed milk gelatin, forming an enticing neon slab. and when you get bored with its fabulicious flaccid fat man belly wobbliness, chop it up, add it to more gelatin, and you have inside-out broken glass jello!

broken glass jello slab


that is so very cool looking...so, how does it taste??


Yummy..!! gotta make some for my Chloe.. ;)

hi molly! condensed milk gelatin (one can milk, one can water, 2 packets unflavoured gelatin) is like a sweeter, lighter panna cotta. when you layer it with fruit gelatin, it mellows out the intense fake fruitiness rather pleasantly so it tastes like a mild fruit jello. or a fruit panna cotta.

hi mrs.t--chloe will love it! takes some time, waiting for the layers to set.

Ooooh...so pretty. There's nothing more fun than creating a super-colorful fun masterpiece with Jello! What's not to like about it? Looks great! I have a Jello Cookbook, actually (yes, I'm serious) and I'll have to test drive some recipes soon!

One word springs to mind: COOL!! Wait, there's one more: AWESOME!!

Hi Santos,

I haven't made layered jello in a long time, but you got me thinking about it! =) Thanks for linking my post about broken glass jello. Haven't made it in ages. The girls at work are starting to bug me.

BTW...I don't know if you visited my blog lately, but I did get your package in the mail. THANK YOU!!! That was so nice of you! =) When's your b-day? I'd like to send you something too! =)

wow, very refreshing and yummy just by the look of it. have a great weekend, ms santos!