imbb 13

imbb 13

this edition's theme, hosted by maki from i was just really very hungry.: my little cupcake (or muffin).

omg, did the mothership call or what??


This must be your dream theme! How many different cupcakes are you going to post about? How many cupcakes can one person eat? Is there actually such a thing as a cupcake "frenzy" and, if so, will that be what you experience?

Inquiring minds want to know, Santos.


This month's theme has 'santos' stamped all over it! Hehehe!

hey moira hey karen

i'll be lucky if i get one entry in; i actually only like vanilla cupcakes, so i gotta come up with a recipe outside of bill granger's and ina garten's, i reckon, having exhausted my entire cupcake repertoire so far :-)

i still think that my "dream" imbb would be toxic and carcinogenic foods....

Go ask Alberto. I'll be your assistant host if he agrees. ;-)

one, ONE off the cuff comment...

...and you will know them by the trail of crumbs.

welcome back! how was melbourne?

Congrats on the TIME mention, you celebrity chef, you. Watch out, Emeril!

Apart from standing out the front of a pub loudly explaining to a bouncer his intimacies with goats, an all round kinda classy affair.

I mean really, who doesn't trip over stairs?

Cars make big noise.

Hey just got the context for the Time mention over at Noodlepie. Great stuff, read your blog more often than I pop Bill's cookbook open.

hi avatar! thank you mightily for your kind words, lovely girl. it's all noodlepie's doing though, i had nuttin' to do with it.

anth-still don't know what you are talking about most of the time.