the barefoot contessa's coconut cupcakes

coconut cupcake

i trust the barefoot contessa's ina garten as a cook, like i trust bill granger. her recipes are no-nonsense, there's nothing about her that screams "chef" but she seems approachable, her food looks divine, and i trust her recipes. even though her coconut cupcake recipe is a little fussier than i'd prefer, they are moist, delicious, and worth the little extra effort.


You look so adorable (and delicious)...

I seriously LOL when I saw that picture! Cute and the cupcake looks delish! Who else but you would take such a fantastic and smile-inducing picture? Thanks for bringing a smile on my lips Santos!

Gorgeous! I worked on Ina Garten's books in a previous life, and the first time she came in to meet with us she brought dozens and dozens of these cupcakes. They are sooooo good.

Oh my gosh! I've had that recipe out so many times and never been able to convince myself to actually make the cupcakes because there's just so. much. butter. YUM. Looks delicious!

Hi Santos,

Who's Hello Kitty winking at? She looks so content on that cupcake sipping her beverage!

hi keiko! :-)
hi zarah! :-)
hi debbie! good thing i wasn't there, i would have eaten dozens and dozens....
hi splatgirl! i made these on a very humid day and the butter started melting on me halfway through the mixing, but they still turned out very well. i think it's all the butter that makes them so very very very good.
hey reid--that's not winking, her eye is swelling shut from the bee that stung her heeeheee


Or, perhaps she drank too much and is falling asleep from being a bit too tipsy! =P

hey reid--yeah, you know that drink is the same colour as absinthe, which is that hallucinatory drink made from wormwood. that could totally be it. she's a complete alcoholic. hell! oh, kitty....

Hey, what a pretty looking cupcake. Love the cute Hello Kitty too. :)

hi julia--the coconut really makes these cupcakes stand out visually and taste-wise as well. hello kitty is literally the icing on this cake, though, makes it sort of fabulous :-)

Is that cupcake topper really a cupcake topper or some other sort of trinket you just stuck up there? If it's really a cupcake topper where did you get it?

it's the top of a candy dispenser from japan. they are super tiny, this is the tallest one at an inch high, so they are perfect for cupcake toppers. and they are very, very odd, so i'll be featuring more of them. i don't know where you can buy them outside of japan, but check a japanese supermarket or toy store. maybe jlist.com will have them, or someplace that sells japanese toys like giantrobot.com, but i'm just guessing. good luck!

Yum! I like watching her show for recipe ideas. Your cupcake looks delicious!

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i have tried to make these cupcakes twice, once with cake flour, once with all purpose, and both times they have run all over the pan and not raised right! i didn't even fill the cups 3/4 full. what am i doing wrong??

anon! oh no! i haven't had a problem with them yet--could it be that the batter is too wet? maybe the butter is too warm.

when you say "not raised right" (ha, i think people say that about me, actually), do you mean they raise too much or not at all?