slow men at work


No rush people, when you're ready.

Killer logo there Santos.

it's from this great company, st. claire. we actually use this program at work to generate biohazard and precautionary signs around the pharmacy and clinic. nice to know it comes in handy for other things :-)

Were it not for improper use of workplace resources, I doubt we'd work at all.

absolutely. where'd ya think i brewed those teaballs?

Hi Santos,

Hmmmm...are you trying to imply something? =)

You're right though. I am a little slow this month...so slow, that I haven't even gotten the eggs yet!

hey reid, what is it? 5.30am ova the'?
jet lag? singapore time? indigestion from middling loco moco? ;-)

i got the eggs. no toast. i think i'll enter with something that may get disqualified.

Hi Santos,

Well, let's see. It's about 9:00 am right now and I haven't been to bed yet! LOL! Too much work has piled up in the last 3 weeks. I'm trying to clear some of it before I go back into the office on Monday.

That's the first excuse...oh yeah, and jet lag. =)

I hope y''al had a very Happy Thanksgiving!