another bloody cupcake


5 spice cupcake

same cupcake recipe, only without the vanilla and a heaping teaspoonful of chinese five spice in its place. topped with a blood orange juice and sugar glaze. sweet, citrusy and coffee-cakey at first, and then boomboomboom--kick of pepper, hint of anisette, wee backlash of bitter rind. if you don't have blood oranges, try it with grapefruit instead.

blood orange


Now I'm lonesome for a cupcake. :-)

Ate, ask your mom for the story of how the frogs disappeared from the buffet table. One of the Santos aunties squealed to me the other day, hehehehe!

I just love the cupcake photo, I don't know what's wrong with me tonight but it is such a "tender" shot. Aaaah Santos, your photo does it to me again.

hi karen! she just laughed when i asked :-D

of! i would think this would be up your alley. it's a very tender, slightly spicy cake. i don't know why, but at first it seems almost...scandinavian to me, and then the peppery finish comes in to warm your belly. perfect!