white peach sherbet

white peach sherbet

white peach sherbet, made with whole milk, white peach puree, and peach syrup. served on white peach halves, with a blackcurrant coulis.

i bought a can of white peaches because it was cheap (a buck on sale!) and it has a pretty label. this is what i did with it.


Hey Santos, 'just had a banana split..

Wow - it's gorgeous! What a deal too!!!

hi ting-aling

i could really use a pinipig crunch right now....

hi cathy

it is pretty isn't it? i admit to picking the blackcurrant coulis because i thought it would look good, not because i thought it would taste good. it's a bit overwhelming for the white peaches, but it works in small doses.

santos dear, gorgeous photos! everything on this front page i'd like to have. right now.
"fancy a house swap then?"heehee. most unlikely huh.