eomeote #3

underneath all that watercress, there is definitely--

wha--whey hey! whoa, nelly, wrong photo. keep on plucking.

as i was saying, underneath all that watercress, there is definitely an egg on toast. and some unsalted butter, smoked salmon and freshly ground pepper too.

not-so-respectfully submitted to eomeote #3.


ha ha!

maybe i should forget the pom pom scarf and try wearing watercress to bed next time.
Although i think fred might actually prefer spaghetti

Santos! Now now, you're going to get the boys all eggcited with pictures like that. Let me guess, she is playing in the new production of Troilus and Cressida?? Egg-on-toast creation looks very yummy & seems to contain all the basic food groups in one! Thanks for joining in and look out for the EoMEoTE roundup this week.

sam! you and fred could play out that fantasy scene from "american beauty", only instead of rose petals, use watercress. or spaghetti.

jeanne! anything to get the boys to eat their greens, i suppose....

Hi Santos,

Great entry. You've got a whole lot of flavors going on there. I especially like the bitterness of the watercress with the subtle sweetness of the salmon. I think they go well together.

LOL! And nice!

I'll take that watercress thank you madam.

Hotty hot hotty hot.

underneath all that watercress, there is definitely-- some pretty juicy bits.

Oooh the tease ... I'm so eggcited.

anthony--hot in herrrr

fatman--juicy and fluffy

Heh. Nice. One salad less and she'd look like my blog did last week.

hey avatar

oh she'd be quite at home nestled snugly 'tween tuesdays two and wet wednesday :-)