one of the most powerful earthquakes recorded in modern times has hit southeast asia, near aceh in northern indonesia. over 7,800 22,000 people are reported to have been killed--some from the initial quake, but mostly from the resulting tsunamis that have devastated more than six countries in the region. the fatalities will rise, and the devastation will continue--not only with the loss of life, but with the loss of land, property, crops, livestock, power and water supplies. disease will most certainly spread with the shortage of water and medicines.

in this season of plenty and in the spirit of goodwill and giving, i urge you to give even the smallest donation to the red cross, the international red cross/red crescent organization, medecins sans frontieres/doctors without borders, or your disaster relief organization of choice. food, water, and medical supplies ARE scarce. over half a million people in india are already displaced. the death toll in sri lanka alone is phenomenal. the maldives have all but been cut off.
this disaster, along with recent floods in the philippines have taxed the relief resources in southeast asia greatly, and supplies must be replenished.

i know that finances are strained, there are local and personal situations that take precedence, but even sending out your prayers, good thoughts, good mojo or whatever you want to call it would most certainly help. while i have every confidence that they are safe, i'm sure a prayer or two for fellow food bloggers babe, wena, and umami (visiting family in KL) would not go amiss, and to anyone else with family or friends in the region.

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Thanks Santos. We're all fine in Kuala Lumpur. Worst hit area is north west of Malaysia... the beautiful island of Penang is one of them.

11,000 people are killed so far in Asia and a whole lot more are missing :( such a sad Boxing Day tragedy...

hi babe

i knew that KL was okay from the tsunamis, but i saw some of the damage to high rises, so i thought maybe the earthquake was pretty bad--at least maybe scary!! i am glad you are alright.