a couple of weeks ago, i suffered from a mild case of food poisoning. not much to report, but curiously, right afterwards, i craved tomato ketchup, and normally i loathe tomato ketchup. i wanted a bowl of ketchup with french fries on the side. a glass of ketchup with a small club sandwich on the side. a smidgen of ketchup with a dollop of ketchup on top of a vat of ketchup, please. curious.

curiouser still: on thursday, i met a ten foot tall giant. we went to a bar called fishbowl and had a couple of drinks and it was a very pleasant meeting. in the morning, i thought it might have been a hallucination, but i had a very real hangover (despite the gallon of water i drank before bed, natch), so maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. i woke up absolutely craving something--not ketchup, but mangoes this time. mango mania.

i searched the fridge, to no avail. i did, however, find some mango popsicles in the freezer, and they were nice--frozen fruit juice on the outside, and a tasty mango jelly center. mmmmm. cool and comforting, but not really sating me. since i had to mosey on over to work, i decided to make a quick detour to the shopping center near the office, and go to sol juice for a smoothie. of course i chose "mango madness", made from fresh mangoes, guava juice and lime. icey and delish.

yes, i know. i should really clean off my desk sometime. anyway, i sipped on this and water all morning, but i still had a throbbing ache in my head, and the smoothie wasn't mangolicious enough. i ran a few errands, and chanced upon a café near my bank, the brown bag café. it was here i picked up a mango salad, made with romaine salad, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mangoes, dried cranberries, pecans, and a little goat cheese, with a raspberry vinaigrette.

the mangoes in the salad weren't quite ripe, but they were sweet and tender, and the greens were crisp and fresh. my body wasn't receptive to dairy products so i left off the cheese, and i didn't miss it, as the dried cranberries and vinaigrette added a zing i sorely needed that day.

i also had a chicken mango wrap, made with grilled chicken breast, cucumbers, bean sprouts, shredded lettuce and super-ripe mango, all wrapped in a sundried tomato tortilla. it was served with a wasabi-lime mayonnaise that lent a light zestiness to this tasty wrap. definitely hit the spot. hangover mostly gone, the mango madness had passed.

honest, he didn't look so blurry at the time

almost. i had more errands, so later that afternoon, i dropped in on the bestseller café, and planned on getting a mango tart, but unfortunately it wasn't available. norbert nicely suggested some tea might help, so i just went on my merry way, with a lovely cup of tropicana tea made with black tea, and flavoured with kiwi, passionfruit, lime, and yes, more mangoes!

acanta mall
pale san vitores road

sol juice
gpo, upper concourse

brown bag café
in the old dfs/shell offices, by guam greyhound park

bestseller café
inside bestseller bookstore


Just the other day, I found out that guys have pulutan during drinking sessions because the sourness neutralises alcohol's effect. :-)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's nice to meet someone who has roots in the same town. I should be singing 'It's a Small World After All' now.

all those sound so good! mangoes from brazil sold here are okay but pretty hairy... we must have our mango fix too (i.e. haagen dazs mango ice cream). and btw, is that cinko on your desk? he's our son's ugly doll too.

hi santos! i think we can never have too much of mangoes
either esp. the green "piko" variety...i've had them as (very sour) shakes too slurrpp. asim!
i have read that mangoes are used by our herbolarios as purgatives and laxatives...anyway. they.are.good.for.us. heehee.
hope you've recovered completely!

hi karen

yes, that's what the men would like you to believe, that they are eating pulutan because it's good for them ;-)

hi maia

how cute! i'll bet your son loves his uglydoll, i love them too. it's a little cinko on my keychain; ever since i moved to my new place, i live in fear of dropping my keys down this rather wide gap in the elevator shaft. cinko would stop that handily, i reckon. the mangoes here are all different varieties--the ones in my salad were the local "cigar" variety, which are tiny, rarely get completely ripe, but they do get sweet and aren't fibrous. i think the ones in the wrap were haden or kent, those big fat ones that look like corpulent parrots--you know the ones? the popsicle tasted like haagen daz mango sorbet, mmmm!

hi stel

i love green mango shakes, but i never have them outside of the philippines--it's just fruit, ice, and sugar, right? mm. i should try making them here. you would be completely shocked--SHOCKED i tell you--if you knew how little i actually drank that night. i'm blaming residual effects of food poisoning and jet lag. yeah. that's right. jet lag ;-)

Is that really a pack of man go?

bwahaaa. promotional items given away by pharmaceutical companies have to be somehow related to the drug or at least a medical office supply. grossly but appropriately, that is a giant box of viagra brand tissues.

Funny people the Viagra folk, my MD friend gave me a red pop up viagra umbrella which I love.

my two favourite viagra promos--a mirror (!) and a calculator that, when turned on, would stand up.

Hey.. Santos.. ;)
for a min.. yer sound like you are.. ahem..!! ahem..!! dare i say it..???!!!?? hehehe!!