jam thumbprint cookies

more to give away: jam thumbprint cookies, from a recipe by barefoot contessa's ina garten. i used lime marmalade and passionfruit jelly in these. top tip: if you don't have a scale to weigh out each cookie (each one uses one ounce of dough), use your tablespoon measure to scoop out a ball, and that will be approximately the right size.


another yummy cookies...do you think they will scan your thumbprint when the parcels go thru the Custom??

ha! :-) i'll just have to eat the evidence then, won't i?

Hi S-- thanks for the reminder, this will be the perfect last addition to our cookie platter! she's been my baking bible-- birthday cakes, coconut cupcakes, macaroons, pumpkin mousse tart, shortbread, brownies, etc! we love ina!

hi maia! i love these because not only are they tasty, they are hyuuuuuuuge! a big cookie, an impressive addition.