i'm volunteering over at the south-east asian earthquake and tsunami blog for the next few days/weeks, so i probably won't see much of you until after the new year. i don't know exactly what i'm doing over there, but it feels like i'm doing something, and that makes me feel that despite all that is going on in the world, there is a new day, and a new year to look forward to.

so happiness and blogness abounds, i wish you well.

see ya soon!


I tried to visit that blog but it came up with an error. Would you be able to repost the correct link?

link fixed! sorry about that!

Hey good on you Santos. Best wishes and concur on the feelings.

I salut you ..and i wished i was near enough to volunteer too.

Happy New Year Santos.

Hi Santos,
Good on you...my family, friends and I have scaled down our festive celebration and cancelled a trip to the coast, donating the money instead to Red Cross...events like this do test our faith in life (and God)..Tonight, we will be heading to the city to see the fireworks...to see the sparkles of hope..to still believe in miracles..to remember those who lost their lives or have lost their loved ones and are suffering right now...and to appreciate what we have and look forward to a better year...Wishing you and your family a healthy, safe and happy 2005!

Hi Santos,

Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year Santos! Best wishes for 2005.

Happy New Year to you, Santos! You are doing a great thing, more power to you....

I feel so helpless sometimes, it doesn't seem much to write a small check when so many are suffering. You are doubly blessed for actually doing something.

Belated New Year greeting from fish fish... Looking forward to seeing more nice posts from you this year.