hailyn's cookies

ginger snaps

friday night, somewhere at the tail end of my mangover, dominic, pinch and i had dinner with hailyn, a very lovely young woman visiting the island. she was leaving the next day, so we met for dinner at firefly bistro, and i would say that overall it was a lovely meal. i did document it, sort of, but all the photos came out shaky and funky, so i guess i hadn't completely recovered. i am working on repairing the situation, so hopefully i can post something in the future.

i had planned on sending some cookies off with hailyn for her journey (possibly to appease her because we're complete psychos?) , but when i woke up in the morning, the first thing i was told was that a typhoon was coming, and all thoughts of baking flew out of my head. sorry, miss! i had the dough and everything. luckily, tropical storm lala or tala or tralala is passing without much fanfare, so the cookies i had planned on baking i *did* end up baking tonight: chez panisse's ginger snaps, as found on feeding dexygus, which renee posted for imbb #10: cookie swap (i'd provide a link, but i can't effing figure out where it is on ismyblogburning.com--there are waaaaay too many things going on there, people!). the cookies are getting rave reviews from everyone who has tried them, and i love gingersnaps, so i knew i had to try them.

and so i did. and here they are. hm. i don't have the knife skills to cut the cookies less than 1/8th of an inch as specified, but i came close. the cookies are lovely, crisp, and buttery, and the aroma in the house is wonderful--spicy and warm and holiday cheering. and the taste? well. they are molasses-rich, buttery and the spices certainly have depth but...but...i don't know. they just aren't kicking it for me. ?? i used freshly ground herbs when possible, and a new container of ground ginger, but they're kinda...eeep, i can't believe i'm saying this...sorry renee, sorry alice waters....they are a little weak. maybe my tastebuds are tweaked towards more pika spiciness, but these seem more subtle than i was led to believe. not that subtle is bad, not in the least bit, but i wanted a bit of oomph, baby. i will definitely try these again, but i plan on doubling the spices, and adding freshly grated ginger and possibly even some chopped chilis in it. oooh. ooooh. i'll let you know.



Thanks! The cookies look and sound so lovely -- you are quite a talented cook and baker (and photographer!) I'm glad the storm has passed without much fanfare; I was worried about that as I was leaving. Thanks again also for such a lovely dinner. I loved meeting you and Dominic and Pinch. Call me when you're in LA next, and we'll bake cookies together.

hi hailyn!

it's a plan! happy holidays to you and your family!