perusing the aisles of abc.

talk about convenience

abc stores, a familiar fixture in waikiki in hawaii, and in tumon here on island (three in vegas too!). a tourist haven of convenience items, food, and cheapo cheapie souvenirs. yay! more photos here.

neon sushi



God, what I wouldn't do for an omusubi from ABC or a Japanese 7-11. Drooool!

Sell your soul for all eternity Johnny? Bwoaahahahahahahahahahahaa.

Ooh sorry don't what came over me. The thing I love about those onigiri in a geeky designer way is the elegance of the wrapping that keeps the nori dry. Like a puzzle box, it took me ages to work out but happy when I did.

Nice blog :-)
Yummy food pixs just make me hungry.
Keep up the good work.

hey jonny

the omusubi at abc is better than the 7-11 one here, because it has that cool protective layering to keep the nori crunchy. the 7-11 ones are bigger and cheaper though.


ages?!! even with the instructions printed on the wrap?

hi anjali

my middle name speaks! thanks for dropping by!

Man not read instructions, instructions for girl.

girl gets third musubi in the bumper pack 'cause she's faster.

damnit. Read your blog and now I have to go cook. Or go find a store in England that sells triagular sushi at 2am!

Great fun watching gaijin (yes me too) opening one for the first time

John Hennessy

hi john

thanks so much for stopping by. i'd send a musubi to you in england if i thought it would survive the journey; sadly, not likely.

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