imported green bananas

hella folks, sorry for the delay. i'm in the land of la, lost angeles, lozenges, for an undetermined amount of time, so i'll be blogging from here for a little while. since it's hardly tropical at the moment (a foot and a half of snow in big bear! the first ski season before halloween in 40 years!), you can find my posts at third and fairfax, my local neighbourhood haunt. hope to see you there!


Hi Santos,

Nice to see you up and about! How's LA? I might be in the vicinity of SF in a couple of weeks if I can arrange the time off of work. Hope you're having fun!

hey reid

nice to hear from you. i wouldn't exactly say i'm having fun, but i'm having a better time than i thought. come on over to the other blog!

i wish i could go up to sf. have fun if you do!

How's L.A.? I will be moving down there to open up a restaurant next year.

hey dennis

i love la but it's an acquired taste. where exactly are you moving to?

Orange County, although I'm not exactly sure yet, because we haven't found a location yet.

Oops, I meant not exactly sure where in Orange