bfmp 7: dan

this is dan. he's got mad skillz in the kitchen and actually has a job in the food service industry. what do you his specialty is? give me a mini-bio of dan the man.


Name: Dan
Place of Residence: Paris
Food Specialty: Pastries
Part-time job: D.J.
Favorite color: green

Jesus straight out of Love and Rockets. Hair net and a Hot Rod.

dan dan
dan the man
with a plan
for a flan
that's out. stan.
a ring-a-ding
sinatra fan.
he'll thrill ya
on his aprilia
he'll oomph ya
with his banana lumpia.
yea that's dan.

Name: Dan
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn:
Loves: Fire, Drag-racing, Dirtbike riding, Candlelight dinners
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers
Specialty: Creme Brulee