bfmp 5: guyuria

guyuria, a guam confection. how would you pronounce this word, and what do you think it's made of?


it looks like some candied fruit. very sugary and sweet ...

If I remember correctly, they're a kind of deep fried cookie thinger, made with flour and coconut milk. They're sorta hard and crunchy, with a sweet glaze coating.

I couldn't even begin to take a stab at the pronounciation, haole that I am.

Gee, I thought it was some kind of doughnuts or something. No idea how you pronounce its name.
BTW, thanks for visiting my site the other day. I tried out your biscuit recipe this morning and posted about it. Hope you come n take a look when you have time. : )


Was I right? :)

They look like little rolls of dough dipped in egg and sugar, then baked. Mmmm!

they look like deep-fried gnocchi (italian potato pasta) rolled in sugar - hey, i'm half italian, so what would i know! :) nona

My grandma and mom used to make this all of the time. I thought it was pronounced (gor-er-ria). I have been looking for this recipe til' this day. If anyone has it please pass it on.
We used to call it Guamanian Jaw Breakers. It's very sweet and hard and you need a special little board to roll the dough on.

I am Guamanian and these are little Guamanian cookies that are pronounced gooj-jer-ria.

They are little hard deep fried "jawbreaker" cookies that taste alot like a a pie crust..but they have a sweetened glaze. They are great in the morning with a cup of coffee.

You need a special board to roll them up on that makes them look like the little seashell shape.

If anyone knows a recipe for Guamanian jawbreaker cookies, please email me: chelseamaya at hotmail dot com.

One of my chamorro aunts just sent me about 5 lbs of guyuria...