baby, baye-baye bye....

truthfully, i am not sure what these little discs of mashed taro and coconut are called. i've been told they are baye-baye(báhyeh báhyeh), a particular delicacy from the negros oriental province in the philippines, but i thought those were made with coconut and pinipig, a sort of pounded rice flake. strangely addictive greyish discs of carb and coconut, these are. any ideas?


Hi Santos,

Never saw this, but it looks like a whole lot of sweet tasting starch to me! Not good if you're on Atkins. =)

hey reid

to its credit, each disc is only about 1 1/4 inch in diameter. unfortunately, it is verrrra addictive--coconut and taro, how can you go wrong?

These look like mashed cooked green "cardava" bananas with shredded fresh coconut and brown sugar - called "banana postre" (not pronounced as "poster", but pohs-treh). I grew up in Bogo, a northern town of Cebu province and this delicacy was my elder sister's favorite to make.