in my shopping basket: izze.

izze, a mix of fruit juice and soda water. it either tastes like dried clementines or old tinned orange juice, depending on your cynicism. i just like the label.


Simple. Good. Plus I'm magnetically drawn to anything orange.

clementine (mayhaps the company's conceded the drink really tastes like old orange juice so they've given it a personality) has a blog. it is really, really freakish and odd as i think clementine is a goldfish who listens to townes van zandt and has sexual fantasies about one of the company workers.

[silence. have to think about that.]

there's also a blueberry drink, i wonder if it really tastes like the fruit or if it's totally gacky.

Holy hell that site. People it's a fizzy drink. Even Andy setteled for a couple of screen prints.