curry donut

it's like a jelly donut, but not!

there is actually some history behind this, it wasn't some weird bit of kitchen god cookery in a panya somewhere in tokyo (actually, maybe it is a little). this bit of strange genius was created by toyoharu nakada at catlea bakery in 1927. who knows what he was thinking when he decided to encase curried fillings (this one is veggie, but i've had chicken, beef, and a scary tuna one) in a deep fried, panko-covered sweet dough.

i'll bet apu sells these at the qwik-e mart.


Can't let these go uncommented. They are great and the Apu reference is a good one as, along with pork buns and oden, a great konbeni store staple. Better than the tiny bits of fried chicken(?) in a cup.


is this a pity post?!

poor curry donut. she thought she'd be more popular.

Pity, such an appalling emotion. Just wanted to see it getting its dues.

These are wonderful, I ran into them on Okinawa, the Japanese National Chain Mr. Doughnut makes them too, Does anyone know where I could find a recipe for these????

chris, you could probably just improvise with leftover curry (or if your asian supermarket sells japanese curry mix, make a batch) and refrigerated biscuit dough (the kind that comes in a tube). refrigerate the curry so it's easier to handle; roll out a biscuit then place a couple of spoonfuls of the cold curry on top, then fold over and crimp to seal shut. deep-fry until golden. not quite the same, but not very different.