suman sa lihiya

suman(súmahn) is the filipino steamed rice cake. it comes in as many different forms as there are provinces, but the basic recipe is waxy (sweet) rice wrapped in leaves, then cooked.

rose makes the best suman i've ever tasted. i don't know how she does it, but they consistently have the distinct taste of whatever leaf she uses, the rice grains retain their integrity, and the whole packet doesn't become a goopy, gloopy mess.

before the storm she made suman sa lihiya, which is waxy rice soaked in lye, then wrapped in banana leaves, and boiled for a couple of hours. it is served with sugar and freshly grated coconut, or with latik (lah-téek)--coconut milk solids that are formed when boiling fresh coconut milk.


Hi Santos,

I like suman. I love how the rice is so sweet! This is good for a mid-afternoon snack with coffee. =)


Is it okay to borrow your pictures for a post I want to make? Please email me @ mistervader@gmail.com to let me know. Thanks!

hi! mmm they look soo good =]