smoo eats watermelon

and satsumas, oranges, mangoes, apples, pears, grapes(if you peel them).

everybody, this is smoo. smoo, this is everybody.


Hi Santos,

What a cutie! Thanks for the introduction! =)

So cute!

I think it's unanimous, smoo is cute! And what a sophisticated palate she (he?) has!

Smoo, stunningly cute, eats watermelons...and fingers and other body parts if she feels like it (from personal experience)

stop it--she's never bitten you...has she? anyway, ssssshhhh, they don't know.

Hi smoo!

hello smoo,
delighted to make your acquaintance! (what, you haven't met me? I'm here, waving at you!)

Egads! The cuteness! *twitches* Too cute to handle!