miss dynami-tee roll

mostly inspired by reid's post, but also by the gold medal winning japanese men's gymnastics team, harrrrrr....

unagi uramaki with radish sprouts, butter lettuce, cucumbers, covered in dynamite sauce made with japanese mayonnaise, masago roe, thai chili sauce, sesame oil, brushed with unagi sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, then broiled.

dog has moved roughly 4.8 inches in 48 hours


Hi Santos,

So how did it taste? Did you like the dynamite sauce? Looks wonderful! It would be too much work for me to make at home. I'd much rather pay someone to make this for me. *I'm lazy!*

By the way, when are you going to "introduce" us to the dog?

Hi, this one is calling my name too.

hi reid

it has been a long time since i've eaten dynamited anything....i remember the first time was in a decent little (korean run) sushi bar in la called mon, and my friend cyrano was raving about this dynamite seafood thing with some crazy, creamy, spicy mysterious sauce....anyway, to get to the punchline, we're sitting there, he's in the 10th level of nirvana, and i'm like, "uh, cyrano? it's mayonnaise." which ruins the whole dreamy, creamy, beautiful aspect. for some, anyway.

i got over it, but i still won't eat prawns with walnuts or whatever that mayonnaisey chinese-esque dish is. i like the hawaiian-ization (at least, according to stickyrice.com of the sauce, too, the added sesame seeds and sesame oil.

the sauce was super simple to make, but it was difficult getting the right proportions for just two rolls (didn't think it was wise to have extra!).


you know, i actually did hear it calling your name...."umamiiiiii...umaaaaammmiiii......" ;-)