lunch at my desk.

my unagi's too bento-licious for me, babe....


Aw, that is beautiful! Makes me hungry for some. Great photo.

hi forrest

oh, man, it was. i saw bento chef barbecuing it outside on the sidewalk of the bento place i got it from, it was pouring stupid rain, but you could smell the sweet smokiness out in the parking lot. had to get it.

i don't know if it's because i only had a box of gum for dinner the night before, but it was some of the best unagi i've ever had.

Unagi is just superb as is your photo. Henri C-B would approve, bless him.

wow, what a compliment! although i would think h c-b might have been happier eating it :-)

all this eel talk makes me wonder what you would do with a film theme...."the tin drum", anyone?

We had a cheese one a few years back I think my contribution was "The Guns of Provolone" - not great but I came in late.

Hi Santos,

Love the unagi! My favorite. YUM!