ginger-infused panna cotta

spiceblog's post on crème brûlée and kim gordon--> l'art de vivre's ginger milk custard--> ginger wobbly white--> alan mcgee, head of creation records; scottish boys--> jesus+mary chain--> blanco y negro, home of everything but the girl who were also on the cherry red label-->psychocandy-->"just like honey"--> ginger-infused panna cotta, with cherries, drizzled with scottish heather honey:


I just remembered that I've got a recipe that I wanted to try - coconut spice pudding. With ginger. Got to try.

Sounds delicious, and what a beautiful photo!

Can't begin to express how gobsmackingly impresses I am.
A marvel of the six degrees of separation. Looks like Peggy Souffle, and Chocolate Milkshake Rattle and Roll have been dispatched the dustbins of history.


that sounds lovely--is it cold or warm?


i was worried; after all, it's just a white lump!


now when i see panna cotta i think of the pasty reid brothers (all of them--jamc *and* proclaimers). eeuch, it's a bad trade-off.

do you have any entrees for your rock dinner? may i suggest "going native" with your inspiration: mushroom (music), lime (spiders), the finn bros "edible flowers", the go-betweens' "cattle & cane"? go kiwi with the mint chicks, snapper, the chills' "pink frost"?

my head hurts now.

Hi I am Mari, from Watashi to Tokyo. What a delicious site! Very beautiful pics and every food looks so great. I am very glad that you made link this wonderful site to mine. Thank you!! I will link to this site later tonight.

On my own turf! You've done this Aussie proud. Had me running here to pick up a Scientists album.

They were very pasty boys but every time I see pannacotta I'll now have a trigger for "boom ... boom boom tschk x 2 then cascade of guitar noise". Further thoughts had obscure- Six Fingered Satellites "Hi-Lo Jerk Pigeon"; sentimental - Pixies "Caribou"; and unlikely - Black Sabbath "War(m) Pig with Rat Salad."

Mild technical note just for the sake of my Kiwi mates - the Finns are as NZ as a Cloudy Bay Sav Blanc.

hi mari

thank you for stopping by! your site is adorable.


whoops about the finn brothers, i should have known that, sorry.

pixies inspiration: "palace of the brine" for me. others: lloyd cole's "wild mushrooms", blur's "coffee and tv", gang of four's "i found that essence rare", neil young's "cinnamon girl"....xtc's "summer's cauldron" is the one that's causing some sparks....

Yum! That looks so good. I'm scared though; as much as I love custard desserts, I can't seem to ever make them right. I know how to temper the eggs and everything, but sweet cooking eludes me.

And the aquarium comment was pretty amusing. I read noodlepie's blog, but I hadn't seen that comment of yours. It's funny that at least two of us think the same thing when we see fish swimming in an aquarium.

hi avatar!

actually, the panna cotta (which i've read means "cooked cream" in italian), does not have any eggs in it--it's just cream, milk, sugar, and gelatin. it's more like a milk jello, which sounds totally vile, but it's actually quite good, as long as you don't achieve petri dish consistency.

i modified a standard panna cotta recipe for this, as i was aiming for something closer to mik's granny's custard. i brought 1 cup of milk, 1/2 c. of heavy cream, 1/2 c. of condensed milk, and a fat thumb-sized knob of peeled, sliced ginger just to a boil, then strained it; i then added 7 gelatin leaves (which equals almost 2 packets of unflavored gelatin)--technically, you are supposed to use 4 leaves or 1 packet per cup of liquid for it to gel properly, but i only had 7 left--let it dissolve, brought it back up to a boil, strained the liquid again, then poured it into molds to let it set.

oh ew, it really is milk gelatin, isn't it? despite that, it's really nice and light, and quite elegant looking.

Hi Santo, the panna cotta looks so yummy, definately going to try this....Mik

Hi Santos,

Yum! And thanks for the commentary that took me back to the 80s. Brought back lots of memories (especially one's about EVOL)

hi reid

funny, how many sonic youth fans among us? if you were to make a music-inspired dish, what would it be?

oh! i am overwhelmed! my senses would overload if i were to actually encounter such a glorious dessert. or, i think they would...maybe they wouldn't... i think, for the sake of mankind, i should try one to make sure they are, infact safe for primate consumption. drop by about 8pm and i'll have the spoons ready, ok?


hi monkey!

say, could you drop by tomorrow instead? our crop of bananas will be perfectly ripe by then. we've got at least 60 to get through, before the next 60 are ready!
you'll have to help me come up with some recipes!

although, i must say, monkey, having perused your site, you don't actually seem to like bananas much. no matter, we'll still have the panna cotta.

thanks for stopping by!

i do like a good banana now and then. as well as in nanna bread and cake, cookies, fried, dipped in chocolate - especially in ginger infused chocolate - in a cool fruit salad or in snazzy bananas foster or grilled bananas over ice cream... that's very nice as well. did i mention nanas on toast? yes. with almond butter... or walnut butter or pistachio butter. infact, i have been inspired to pen this haiku (you could see that coming, couldn't you)

delicious nanas!
red or green or with speckles
and of course, yellow