what was up with the traffic today? okay, it's friday (the 13th), it's raining, a power line went down, but why did everyone have completely outer limits and forget every traffic law known to humanity??!!!

i was having some sort of...episode, so somewhere in between lying to everyone else about doing an errand and actually doing it, i stopped by bestseller books and café, bought a book i never thought i'd buy, had a lovely herby tea (khan's delight--a mix of hibiscus, lemongrass, and mint), and a cardiac arrest disguised as an almond croissant. which was not just an almond croissant, but split, slathered with sweet cream butter and sprinkled with crushed almonds and sugar, then toasted. ?? a sacrilege, surely, a travesty, okay, but durn it if i didn't scarf that pillowy pastry down....