curry chips

watching world class sporting events such as the athens olympics really makes me want to sit back and eat a ton of junk food--albeit a better class of junk food. go figure.

oven-baked potato wedges dusted in garam masala and sprayed lightly with olive oil before baking, served with a raita made from plain yogurt, thinly sliced cucumbers, mint, and sliced onions.


ooh - they look delicious. And is that your dog? Please introduce us!

Hi Santos,

I love wedged fries. This must be extra nice with the garam masala. You make me feel like eating Indian Food now. *sigh*

hi cathy

that's smoo. she parks herself underneath the television because she's convinced we're actually watching her. i'll introduce her properly soon.

hi reid

yeah, i'm craving indian food too. we don't have very good indian places here, but we have a couple of places that have one or two good dishes on their menus--i may have to go to one soon!

i also like the wedges because they remind me (like your post on eggs n things) of crazy late nights clubbing. after going to a gig or a club we would go to a chippy and get chips with curry sauce--disgusting but yum!

and, oh, those crazy meiji curry packing material thingies....

the potatoes look very nice.

i think ill bake some tomorrow.

can i make a raita with coriander instead of mint?