comfort food

my favourite comfort food: multivits, spirulina, and a glass of ribena. oh, and an ibuprofen for dessert.


This comment is mostly unrelated to that entry, but I couldn't think of a better place to stick it...

I stumbled across this blog, randomly, and what a find! I have family on Guam, and I used to live there myself. It's so great to read about all the foods I used to love (adobo! you've got me so in the mood for adobo now...) it brings back many great memories, and makes me homesick. I'm a foodie type, too, so all the better.

Excellent blog, and thank you for stirring up all those yummy memories!

Bit ethnocentric but I'd always assumed Ribena was a British thing, maybe I'm confusing it with Lucozade. Anyway a familiar sight as Beenies are getting a hammering here too as colds refuse to budge.

Pills bah! Get a decent juicer.

Sorry forgot to ask, is this a "you poor thing" comfort food or a "advocaat shooters - what was I thinking?" comfort food?

hey lili

thanks for stopping by! hope you visit again. and hope i can find more food items to wax nostalgia.

hey anthony

come to think of it, it might've been bickfords blackcurrant. but ribena, i think, has been appropriated by most of southeast asia.

prognostic pessimism taken to the extreme. juicer, schmoocer. it would take whale sized portions of plankton to just keep upright.