candy everybody nobody wants

as my friend cyrano would put it, "what...a...bad idea."



so YOU tried it, did you?????

i did! i actually contemplated for a whole day as to whether or not i should buy it, decided to spend a lot of money on it, waited for it to arrive in the mail, stuck one on my tongue, waited to get halfway through it before i decided there were better things to--ehem! no comments or i'll send these to you!--put in my mouth.


the packet says it's good for colds and catarrh, so maybe when i'b sick abd phlegmy i'll try it again.

if anyone can come up with a good use for these, i'll send some to them....

I can't read the label - is it actually cloves of garlic that have been candied?

I've had one of these before.

BIG mistake.

My goodness!!! Some people have endless imagination!!!

I'm just wondering that all the "good" qualities of garlic are more fragile than we give them credit and can be destroyed by things like fungicide. Couldn't the candying process just destroy all the good bit and leave you with something that's about as healthy as blueberry gum.

Tried your coconut cake yesterday and it was delicious. I'll be posting pics this weekend and trackbacking to your post. Thanks! And garlic candy? yes....very.... bad idea.

cathy--the label reads "helpful against colds and catarrh". i don't know why i found that attractive. it's just a boiled sugar hard candy that is just happens to have a hefty dose of garlic infused throughout.

avatar--oh, good, so there's two of us! how did you come by yours?

estelle--hello! don't you just wish they would direct their creativity elsewhere?

anthony--you have a valid point about fungicide; in general, i know the company that makes this...this...thing uses organic products whenever possible. i would think the candy process would kill whatever medicinal properties it may have, but the thing is, this thing tastes raw. it tastes like raw garlic in honey. perhaps the efficacy lies in that it works like my friend joey's cold remedy--spend an evening slugging down shots of southern comfort, get literally retchedly ill, throw up copiously, pass out, wake up with all your toxins flushed down the toilet...? it's a thought.

hi nia! i like your site. i'm glad you tried the coconut cake recipe! it's just too bad that the photo doesn't illustrate how moist and lovely it really is. it's like a buttery macaroon. can't wait to see how yours turned out.

I got mine from my grandma. She always has tines of weird, sugared pastilles. She particularly likes the ginger ones, and figured the garlic must be good, too. She gets them from a friend of hers who specializes in Asian imports.

Again, bleargh. They're about as tasty as rancid milk.