last of the pink party posts (sort of)

my cousin pointed out that if i posted all the recipes from what we served at the pink party, i wouldn't have anything to write about should another party arise, as many of the dishes are family staples--pancit(fried noodles),lumpia shanghai (meat-filled lumpia), ginataan (coconut stew), to name a few. and there were a few items that should never be mentioned again.

my cousin thinks the sheet cake we bought from elite bakery should be one of them, but it's actually quite a good cake, it was just really, really pink. anyway, it was sort of a trial getting that thing, so i have to write about it.

elite bakery is an old-school local bakery. you don't go there for anything fancy, you go there for white bread in a variety of forms, and cookies that are different colours but all taste the same. if you want your kid to have a birthday cake that's like the birthday cake you had when you were young, you go there because it's probably still the same baker that did your cake in the back. that's not to say that it doesn't have it's merits; the filipino pastries are very good, and they have excellent pineapple and guava chiffon cakes. i decided to get a cake for the shower from there.

i walked into the bakery; there's just an old filipino man behind the counter.

me: hi! i'd like to order a cake.
him: eh. what occasion?
me: girl baby shower.
him: oh. pink.
me (warming up to the guy): yesssss!
him: ok. whatchoo want?
me: guava chiffon with a guava filling. but i want the cake to be pink too. and pink filling. and pink icing.
him (alarmed): pink frosting? you cannot have that!
me: why not?
him: we do not do that!
me: why? can't you tint the frosting?
him: eh, we can, but you cannot have that, it will be ugly.
me: maybe, but that's what i want.
him (shaking his head): no! i cannot take responsibility for that!
me: i'm taking responsibility for it! if it's ugly it's all my fault! i'll write out an affadavit if you want. really. i just want pink.
him (shaking his head more adamantly): no. if that's what you want, you'll have to talk to the owner.

*dang*. talk about taking pride in your work. anyway, i ended up sending my cousin julius there to talk to someone he knows. that guy also balked at the idea of an all pink cake, so there was a compromise--i got my all pink innards, he airbrushed (!!!) the white frosting, then added some green and yellow highlights. which i think makes the cake uglier, but what do i know.