lamb-basted and flamed

lamb rib chops, slathered with a paste of olive oil, cilantro, garlic, fresh red chili peppers, green onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper, then grilled for 3-4 minutes. served with cucumber and mint yogurt.

i don't normally eat or cook lamb, as i honestly believe i can taste sweaters. however, apparently i needed a lanolin fix, because i felt like cooking it the other night.

i don't have many recipes calling for lamb, and as i was heading towards a bookstore, i thought i might find some inspiration in the food section. i know this guy who goes down to said bookstore every wednesday and basically cribs the night's menu straight from the books. i don't have any problem with lifting a recipe from a book, esp. if it's pricey, or if you don't like any other recipes, but really, wouldn't it be simpler to just check the web? having said that, i did pinch this recipe from a donna hay cookbook (i don't know which one, they all sort of look the same).

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