tapioca drink world

so the whole boba thing sort of came and withered here, but we're still left with a bunch of boba places. it's sort of equally divided between boba shake-centric and boba tea-centric joints. i prefer tea, and my favourite place is tapioca drink world, a taiwanese style boba pearl place.

tdw at agaña shopping center. man, it's bright in here.

the drink menu is sort of mind boggling but basically divided between juices, teas, milks, and shakes, and any combination thereof. want a prune juice? ok! want a prune juice with tea? ok-ok! want a prune juice with milk tea? ok-ok-ok! want a pr-- you get the idea. you also have a choice of adding tapioca, or a variety of jellies. i generally stick to boba teas, but my current favourite is iced coffee with boba pearls and coffee jelly:

iced coffee with boba pearls and coffee jelly 

at first i was a little put off because they use instant coffee granules, but it has a good coffee flavour, not acidic, and it packs a nice caffeine punch. they always give a healthy portion of the chewy tapioca balls, and equal amounts of the gel cubes, which quite honestly don't taste like anything but add lovely texture.

a couple of the shops also have crepes and toast on the menu. yes, toast. one day i will report back on that.

eh, brah, where's my tip?! 

tapioca drink world
several locations, including agaña shopping center, micro mall, underwater world, grand plaza hotel