name that fruit!

One of my favourite fruits is siniguelas (don't know if this is both singular and plural), which is how it's known in the philippines, and known in america as um...uh...foreign. most english names for it are variations on a plum: spanish plum, jamaican plum, hog plum (!)...but it is also called "hoy", which, if you are in any way flipeeno, you have probably been called once or twice before....

hoy! siniguelas! 

native to the more tropical regions of the americas, it is related to the mango and the cashew, and it was brought to the philippines and the marianas by spanish colonists. the fruit is oval-ish, 1 to 2 inches in length, green at first but ripens to a lovely reddy purply colour with greeny streaks. the flesh inside is similar in taste and colour to a mango--sweet, slightly acidic-- and the large seed can be cracked open and eaten (although i don't know anyone who bothers).

devolved, devoured. 



Hi! I can't help but add a comment right here. Yeah.. this is about siniguelas. I'm from Manila, Philippines. We actually do not call siniguelas as "hoy". The term "hoy" is used in calling somebody's attention. It is similar to "hey" in English. There is no other term for ciruela/jobo (Spanish), jocote (xocotl)(Mexico/Guatemala),
prunier d'Espagne/prunier/mombin rouge/mombin jaune* (French/French etc. in the Philippines but "sinuguelas" only.
I hope that helps.

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