a little seaside sojourn

that guy in the previous post? holding up that thing? yeah, that's my cousin, jay. this is his store:

seaside mart, which is landlocked.

it specializes in fresh seafood and filipino goods, and is packed to the rafters with stuff. sure, he could move to a bigger space, look more like a chain supermarket, but why?

yeah, i'll take some of that.

if you kick something over, it might be something you really want. need some calamansi? got it! can of binagoong na baboy? take two! fita, skyflake, or sunflower crackers? take all three! the front of the store is laden with canned goods, boxes, local handmade treats, candies, magazines, beauty products....it's like a crazy treasure chest, filled with stuff you can eat.

in the back, there is the fish room, where all the seafood is laid out on ice. he's got reef fish, bangus, hito, shrimp of all sizes, crabs, and other assorted nemos. there's a bunch of strapping guys back there who'll help you out if you don't what anything is, and will gladly (and i mean that) de-gut and de-scale anything that needs de-gutting and de-scaling.

silence of the lapu-lapu...

...courtesy of the hannibal lecter 3 the cutting crew 

(if you're freaking out, get over it. fish guts taste bad! you don't want fish guts in your home!)

anyway, wander over. say hi to jay, and if you tell him you love him, he'll give you a big discount (no, really).

seaside fish mart
across from iglesia ni cristo
next to cabalen
harmon (yeah i know i said dededo earlier.so what)


Yaaaargh!! You're killing me. I'm not home -- therefore I have no access to bagoong. Or really good chicharon. Or yummy fried bangus.


But I can dream about eating, at least I'll lose weight that way. I think.

Hello santos.. just passing... too bad we do not have that kind of shop nearby