bowling for soup at kapiolani coffee shop.

wow, well, what can i say? i wanted to go bowling, i wanted a bowl of soup, so the natural choice was kapiolani coffee shop in the kam bowl in kalihi. did a round of speed bowling (10 frames in just under 20 minutes), got some oxtail soup, fast(about two minutes from order to table).

eight big pieces of meaty falling-apart tender oxtail in a clear but rich broth fragrant with onion, star anise, ginger, chilis, and fresh coriander, served with two scoops of rice and as much fresh grated ginger as you can handle.

kapiolani coffee shop
in the kam bowl
1520 n. school street
808 845 3687


Hey Santos,

Wonderful blog you have here. I've heard so much about the Kapiolani Coffee Shop at Kam Bowl that I was tempted to try it. In fact, I just need to make time. I actually heard that this is the best oxtail soup that you can get right now...is it true? It been years since I had oxtail soup. Maybe I need to cook it sometime soon. =)

hey reid

thanks for reading! i've heard that kapiolani has the best oxtail soup, too, so i've never bothered to try it anywhere else. i do have to say i like the oxtail soup *better* at the waimalu shopping center location, the stock seem more developed and the spices really pop. but i think it could be that i've only been there at night (more simmering time?), and i do get a couple less oxtail as a tradeoff. i can't remember if the waimalu location adds boiled peanuts to their soup, which is always an added treat.

it's really good, but honestly, home made is always better.